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Every year since my daughter Sara Baila was old enough to go to camp we have sent her to Toronto, of course Mussie joined when she was old enough, and every year without fail we have been thrilled with the amount that the girls learn, grow and enjoy camp. However this year really took the cake. Each time I spoke to them during camp they were on a high! They both felt like they were learning and growing.  I just wanted to thank you do for all you do for the girls and for all you do and give your staff so that they in turn can give to the campers. The affect that camp has on the girls really impacts their whole year!!!!I look forward to IY”H sending my next daughter to you next year!

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My daughter came home and said, "Ma, this year was different than any other summer. They treated us like big kids. We had real farbrengens. A lot of them. And we farbrenged about important things, like having a mashpia...."” Ma, I asked my counselor to be my Mashpia.”. My husband and I spent shabbos kvelling with nachas from this news. You can encourage your kids till you're blue in the face to get a mashpia but until they are inspired by something or someone it's a hard thing to do. You guys managed to give the girls that inspiration. 

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I have to say that I am so grateful for your camp! Chana had a fantastic time and flourished in such a good way. My husband and I are so happy. She loved it, she was cared for and loved by her counselors, connected with so many other girls, came home spirited, happy and more mature.  The camp infused love for Hashem and the Rebbe in a way that only a camp can do. We are thrilled! It is also so professionally run with fantastic communication.

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