GI offers a broad range of exciting activities designed to appeal to children with varying interests and skill levels. We encourage all students to explore new pursuits, but also provide opportunities for them to develop their abilities in favorite areas. So in addition to scheduled learning and activities our students can also choose electives according to their individual preferences; these electives give students the flexibility to explore new horizons or enjoy their current interests.


Our summer school schedule and curriculum is as follows:

7:30 AM Wake up
8:10 AM Shacharis Morning Religious Prayers
9:10 AM Breakfast
9:55 AM Clean up
10:40 AM Class – Period 1
11:40 AM Class Break
11:50 AM Class – Period 2
12:55 PM Wash up for lunch
1:05 PM Recess
1:45 PM Class – Period 3
2:45 PM Break and snack
3:00 PM Class Period 4
4:10 PM MINCHA afternoon Religious Prayers
5:10 PM Class Period 5
6:10 PM Clean up desk Wash up for Supper
7:30 Relaxing time with your classmates, Showers and prep for bed
9:45 Bed time


Each Grade is taught the subjects below according to their Level.

1st class: Jewish Law Halachah

2nd class: Navi Jewish History

3rd class: Chumash Bible study class

4th class: Jewish Holidays and Calendar

5th class: Tanya Chassidic Jeiwsh Though and Philosophy